Le-Amen Private School

Le-Amen Private School


Situated in Ruimsig, Roodepoort. Le-Amen Private School boasts a “picture perfect” setting that creates the freedom for children to be children. Le-Amen private school is focused on individuality and we encourage our learners to develop their unique selves.


School Ethos

Le-Amen Private School has been a part of South African education for over 20 years. Le-Amen has challenged every traditional and conventional practice in education in our country and become known for trend-setting assessment and guidelines in the distance education market. Their academic success is proven.

Le-Amen is a trail-blazer in innovative and forward-thinking education. Le-Amen offers every student the opportunity to excel and every student is acknowledged for who they are and for the potential they have. The child-centred approach is inherent and at the core of Le-Amen. This is the Foundation and the basis of the School.

Le-Amen has always been known for there ongoing commitment to sound education that enables learners to build a strong foundation to ensure that they have the correct tools to succeed in life.

Le-amen is committed to ensure that the relationship between the requirements of the DOE are always implemented and followed whilst implementing the values and beliefs of Le-Amen. We believe that every student needs the infrastructure, support and love to be able to examine and realise their own potential. Le-Amen believes that dreams are realized when the relationship between commitment, dedication and a desire to learn collate.

Le-Amen offers an academic foundation of the highest order, that has a strong emphasis on confident learners that develop there own identity and leadership strengths. Le-Amen ensures that each student is a fully-rounded personality.
Le-Amen prepares students in the best possible way for life. In the Matric year, students are prepared thoroughly for an examination that is a gateway to tertiary education. Progress and practice is monitored through a series of internationally bench-marked assessments.

For over fifteen years, Le-Amen students have established a reputation of success in Tertiary Institutions once matriculating through Le-Amen with an international recognized matric. Le-Amen learners do not learn by rote, they enter University able to accept challenges, participate effectively, think independently and question critically.


Le-Amen Private School has been the evolution and natural progression of Le-Amen and has become an integral part for a practical implementation and moderation guide for Le-Amen. Le-Amen Private School and Le-Amen supplement each other by feeding of the strengths of administration and assessment versus the practical implementation. The scope of Le-Amen Private School is captivated in the vision of Le-Amen.


Le-Amen Private School believes that every child needs to be able to be a child, and when the time comes to be an adult then to be able to be mature adults with their own identity and confidence to deal with life as winners.

Le-Amen Private School emphasizes on the holistic educational well being of the learner.

The culture of the school is based on the desire to evolve not as a collective but rather the transformation and evolution of one student at a time. We believe that every child needs time…… a time to be, a time to learn, a time to love, a time to belong………the list goes on.

Le-Amen prepare their students to face life with a zest and zeal to be conquerors.