The Bliss of Youth – Be the Change

We have heard over and over again that it is the Youth of Today that will be the forthcoming Leaders, OUR leaders. This means that we have the duty to be examples and to inspire the YOUTH to be the BEST they can BE. We need better doctors to help cure diseases that have devastated nations, we NEED better teachers to teach our grandchildren and the list goes on. If we don’t take up the mandate that we are given today then we will fail at setting an eternal example. 

We seldom take the responsibility and call on ourselves to ensure that the future LEADERS are taught to be examples and a reflection of what we want to see in our society.

It is easy to sit back and say “oh the youth of today……they don’t do this or they don’t do that.” What we don’t realize is that in the turn of the century and with the increasing development of technology life changes.

We must therefore ensure that we set firm foundations for our future leaders to fall back on and give them the freedom to take the baton that we cannot take. 

We constantly “indoctrinate” the minds of our youth with our mistakes, anger, bad habits and view of the world. I URGE us to instill good values, positive beliefs and embowering tools into the YOUTH of our AGE. With social media booming and the advancement of technology (which i believe is a good thing) we need to check what we are portraying to the YOUTH.

A question of what our example to the youth should be;

Does my life give a premise of HOPE, DESTINY, FAITH and LOVE to the next generation? 

Lets take the stand today and use socially media as a tool to instill LOVE and a positive, empowering message to our YOUTH.

Ecclesiastes 11.9 “Young people, it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do.” (New Living Translation)

Nico Willems

Life Coach, NLP Practitioner.

2 thoughts on “The Bliss of Youth – Be the Change

  1. I would like toe homeschool my child the rest of 2020. I don’t want to send her toe school with the covid 19 virus still around.

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